Radio's Portability Perfect for 7-Eleven's Premium Coffee

"Choosing to stop for a cup of coffee is often a spur-of-the-moment option. So, when 7-Eleven decided to raise awareness for its Dark Mountain Roast premium brand, Radio was a natural for reaching potential purchasers.
"We know that our customers make the decision to stop at our stores within minutes of the determination of a need," says Julie Irsch, national advertising manager for 7-Eleven, Inc. "Radio is the best medium to reach people when they are in their cars making this decision to stop for a cup of coffee."
7-Eleven recognized that the target customers for this product were young adults --18-29-year-old men and women, "who lean toward dark, rich, robust, bold coffee flavors." The company launched a two-week radio flight in early February in 36 markets, including New York, and, to relate to these consumers, it selected actor John O'Hurley (J. Peterman on Seinfeld) as the voice. In a commercial produced by Dallas-based agency, Coffee Black Advertising, O'Hurley says he searched "from the frigid slopes of MachoKalala to the steamy jungles of Rangoon" for the Dark Mountain Roast blend. "After weeks of hard travel, I was losing the will to live..." when he sighted a 7-Eleven store.
"We felt this approach communicated a mystique around the product and its richness," says Irsch. "We felt John O'Hurley was a great spokesperson because he has the ability to tell a tale and make it sound interesting and outlandish, while still believable."
In the New York metro, the Radio flight aired on five New York, four Long Island and two suburban New Jersey stations, selected for target audience delivery by daypart, formats and specific coverage of stores. "