Radio's Intimacy Helps Ronzoni Get Personal with Pasta-Lovers

"Intimacy and emotion are characteristics not normally associated with pasta. But those attributes are what caused New World Pasta to select local Radio as the sole medium for  a long-term ‘top-of-mind reminder' campaign for its venerable Ronzoni pasta brand.
"Radio," explains Robert Skollar, executive vice president/executive creative director at GreyWorldwide, Ronzoni's ad agency, "is much more intimate than other media. It helps develop a personal relationship with the brand." And local Radio's 60-second length, adds Gina Sclafani, vice president/associate creative director, "gives you the time to do something wonderful -- it's storytelling that draws you in."
The ‘stories', in the Ronzoni commercials, are told by an Italian-American man who recalls the brand's heritage -- "Sunday dinner at Grandma's . . . Wall-to-wall Ronzoni pasta with more shapes than you can shake a wooden spoon at . . . Fridays, linguine with clam sauce . . . Sundays, lasagne." The campaign, which began February 12 in New York and other northeastern markets, is scheduled to run at least through the end of September, and Radio's production flexibility will enable the agency to create additional storylines in the same milieu.
There has been positive reaction from the marketplace and the trade, according to Kenneth Dowling, senior vice president/account management. Adds Stephen H. Vesce, vice president of marketing at New World Pasta: "Our customers are excited about the program because it increases store traffic. Retailers place a high value on Radio because it is the last medium to reach consumers on their way to shop. Ninety-two percent of grocery shoppers listen to Radio when driving to shop. It provides a more immediate return than traditional equity media."
The commercials have also been produced in 30-second versions, which will enable Ronzoni to partner with retailers via 30-30s -- 30 seconds for the Ronzoni branding message and 30 seconds for the retailer's own message. The campaign is airing on four to five stations in the New York market, selected for their ability to reach women and adults, 25-54. One of the goals, says Dowling, is to raise awareness of the Ronzoni brand among the younger end of that demo. "